S.O.U.P Trailer
For Those People in Your Life You Just F&!#ing Hate


A Series of Unfortunate People (S.O.U.P.) is an eight-episode webseries dramatizing those special folks in our lives that require copious amounts of care and attention. From the ‘Whiny Bitch’ and the ‘Cheap F*cker’ to the ‘Passive Aggressive Cleaning Lady,’ WorkingBug’s new anthology of short comedies embody the tragic personalities of those people we continue to endure, regardless of communal hatred. Scheduled for weekly exclusive distribution every Monday starting March 21 on DailyMotion.com, each one guarantees a belly laugh, and the desire to cut someone else out of your life.

S.O.U.P. was written by Annie Lukowski, Leyna Juliet Weber & Beth Shea, and is directed by Lukowski. Each ‘sode stars Shea & Weber alongside visible comedic talents including Kym Whitley, Darren Sharper (New Orleans Saints), Keegan-Michael Key, Richard Riehle, Lindsay Hollister and Randall Park.

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