NBC’S EXTRA “It’s the latest viral craze: Jaleel White plays the abused groom, and Leyna Juliet Weber is bridezilla 2.0. The ten four-minute webisodes have already begun infiltrating the net and if you’ve ever been part of a wedding, this is a must-see!” -- On Road to the Altar

ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT - JALEEL WHITE FROM URKEL TO THE ‘ALTAR’! Jaleel White plays Simon, a guy who wants to marry his fiancée, but who defnitely bit off more than he can chew when it comes to the actual preparations,” the 32-year-old actor tells ET. Meanwhile, Simon’s fiancée is focused like a laserbeam on the big day. “It’s about her obsessing over every detail and me trying to pull her back.” Jaleel says of the series.

WorkingBug.com announced an exclusive partnership with Dailymotion.com to distribute their latest online original, A Series of Unfortunate People. WorkingBug.com’s new anthology of short comedies embody the tragic personalities of those people we continue to endure, regardless of communal hatred. ‘Maintaining our commitment to online originals, we’re proud to welcome WorkingBug.com’s latest to the Dailymotion family of exclusive comedies,” said Joy Marcus, General Manager of Dailymotion US.’

URKEL WHO? Looking fine and taking names, Jaleel White stars opposite As The World Turns Leyna Juliet Weber in this new mockumentary about a couple and their runaway wedding plans. Along for the ride is a bumbling reality film crew documenting the duo’s rocky progress to the altar. Expect lots of laughs – and thankfully, no corny catchphrases. -- On Road to the Altar

WORKINGBUG’S WEBER & LUKOWSKI EMERGE AS WEB COMEDY DUO On the digital side of Hollywood, the scrappy lone wolf scribes are a plenty, but occasionally we’re seeing the rise of the web’s version of the power duo. Leyna Weber and Annie Lukowski and their new shingle WorkingBug.com are emerging as a digital writer-producer duo to keep an eye on, building their chops with a strong toehold in the web world. Jaleel White came on as Road to the Altar’s groom-to-be, bringing a known comedy asset and anchor for their first series. With the brands on board, it also marked the pair’s first time working on a branded web series, though that didn’t seem to hinder their comedic exploits. “Every now and then we had to take out a hand job joke,” quipped Weber. “MWG integrated a lot of the brands into the series like Pier One, Panda Express and iRobot, while we were incorporating them into the story,” said Lukowski, noting how they would quickly script up a sponsor’s store, like Pier One, as a much-needed location in a pinch. “All of these limitations became great incentives for us,” said Lukowski. “An unlimited budget would have been a problem.” “They are plowing forward with Random Comedies, releasing a new one every few weeks like The Secret starring Ugly Betty’s Michael Urie and Open House. The pair even received a cold call that would lead to a partnership from a branded entertainment agency after releasing The Secret, a testament to the unexpected consequences of online distribution. “You can wait for Hollywood to Facebook you, or you can make it happen yourself,” added Weber. (Tubefilter)

Ashton Kutcher's production company Katalyst has revealed its first output from new hothousing venture IdeaJam.  It partnered with Intel and 48 creative "mavericks" for a narrative experiment that will yield six, short, digital content units.  The participants were "engaging with the online community" and "deepening the connections between video and viewer" according to  Google...How  about the odd notion of "MatchMyFriend," which would allow you to watch a live stream of your friend's first date, after you've set them up with another of your acquaintances -- a mashup of dating sites and social media, that repays your effort at setting two people up together on a date with a little voyeuristic pleasure. (Fast Company)

Entrepreneurs are infiltrating – if not dominating – the entertainment side of the Web TV experience… After Lukowski attended Weber’s live comedy show, they decided to collaborate.  They formed Working Bug Media and produced two shorts that they posted at FunnyOrDie.com and YouTube.  After the shorts were well received, they decided to write and produce a 10-episode show called Road to the Altar… The pair negotiated a deal with MWG Media. They attracted corporate sponsors including Panda Express and Pier 1 Imports. (BusinessWeek)

WebTV FUELS RENAISSANCE - a byline written by Annie Lukowski & Leyna Juliet Weber for the Huffington Post Fear not: web content saturating your TV does not imply a decline in quality. Production costs have dropped significantly over the years, and a lower barrier to entry has created a level playing field. FOX’s House shoots on an HD camera, but so do indie TV teams. Small production outfits are utilizing the same equipment as the big boys. Moreover, celebrities are willing to experiment on the web. And with audiences responding to celebrity and non celebrity driven material alike, quality content remains the deciding factor. The definition of “network” is also evolving. Websites like FunnyOrDie.com become programming choices like NBC and FOX. With the networks and the web alongside each other, what rises to the top is truly… the best. As VHS rentals in the ‘80s opened new distribution paths for indie movies, web-enabled TV will fuel an innovative market of content from independent television producers. With all these choices, you will now be able to customize your evening line-up more than ever. Thus far, the web’s short-form programming has aimed to satisfy the world of the laptop. If you needed five minutes to decompress after a meeting, we’ll provide the laughs. The web audience is a discerning one, providing critical feedback at a keystroke. The web is a formidable playground for our web saplings, and while in their infancy stage, we can gauge audience feedback and interact with fans. The collective independent television community seems excited to stretch their legs into a long-form arena and aim at tapping into your primetime experience. With access to play in your living room, web programming will surely thrive by allowing us independent producers the opportunity to open up our stories and fully explore our characters.

EIGHT AMAZING CELEBRITY COMEBACKS IN 2010: Jaleel White! Did somebody say “cheese?” You probably know Jaleel as Steve Urkel – or Stefan, if you watched Family Matters in later seasons. We’re very excited that he is back, starring in a new Web series called Road to the Altar. The concept: Jaleel and his Jewish fiancé make their wedding into a reality show to fund their honeymoon. Let’s hope there’s a polka scene at the wedding, for Urkel’s sake.

DARREN SHARPER WANTS TO MAKE YOU LAUGH “Darren Sharper has been a pretty fortunate person throughout his 14-year NFL career… And yet somehow, the New Orleans safety makes a pretty convincing unfortunate guy as well.” “The episode, titled ‘Punchline,’ is a rare foray into comedy for the All-Pro Saint known more for his exploits on a football field than on the set. As Isaac, Sharper suffers from Inappropriate Sense of Humor, or ISOH, a condition that causes him to dance with pink underwear on this head, question another character’s manhood with mini hotdogs and laud a questionable Discovery Channel show." (ESPN)

ASHTON KUTCHER’S KATALYST INCUBATES CREATORS WITH 48-HOUR IDEAJAM Ashton Kutcher is a man full of ideas -- and to that, he also knows a good one when he sees it… Kutcher and partner Jason Goldberg looped in a major sponsor, Intel, and came up with IdeaJam, a 48-hour event held April 1-3 with 48 digital filmmakers forming six teams tasked with pitching, creating, adapting, building, devising, and editing their ideas under the over-arching “What Inspires You?” theme. Now video from the event, shot documentary style, is released on IdeaJam’s YouTube channel showcasing how these teams pulled together some pretty captivating work. Many of the participants are known to Tubefilter readers for their work in online video, like Leyna Weber and Annie Lukowski of WorkingBug. “It was an exceptional experience surrounded by inspirational peers under the guidance of Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg,” Weber told us about her ‘Match My Friend’ project. “They were immensely helpful. We were in our element. Even though the deadline was tough, we often impose insane deadlines on ourselves, so it was familiar. We thrive on this. ”Judging the competition were Kutcher and Goldberg (Katalyst co-founders), Chad Hurley (YouTube founder), Erin McPherson, Head of Yahoo! Video Programming, David Janollari (Head of Scripted Development) and Guy McCarter (Managing Director, Greenroom Entertainment). “The idea blossomed throughout the weekend. The first pitch involved the ability to match up friends ala how one can endorsepeople on LinkedIn,” added Weber’s partner, Annie Lukowski. “It evolved with the addition of a reality show component — adding a live stream to the experience, so the date would be viewed by the public. This added a voyeuristic element of fun to it and the incorporation of social media. Our outstanding editor, Pascal Leister, pulled an all-nighter, making changes up to the last minute. It was an all-hands on deck effort.”

INTERVIEW WITH WORKINGBUG’S ANNIE LUKOWSKI AND LEYNA JULIET WEBER “Their trademark smart girl humor is soon to be seen in a new comedic series, A Series of Unfortunate People… Hilarious.”
DC: What led you to producing projects for the web?
AL: Leyna was performing at Acme Comedy in LA. I went to see her perform. I approached Leyna after the show and said, “Hey, let’s shoot those sketches this weekend and put them on the web.” We went for it.
LJW: We knew there was a heat behind new web entertainment, and a freedom that appealed to us. It became a viable distribution channel to get our shows to the public. We decided to write Road to the Altar together.”
DC: Road to the Altar still remains one of my favorite shows! What I love about all of your series is they are very smart. You gals have done two things very early on that many other web series creators aspire to do – partner with brands and attach a celebrity. What is your approach?
AC & LJW: Each project works its own way. Brands organically found their way into Road to the Altar. Regarding working with celebrities, our approach is always different. They are not doing a webseries for the money (usually), so it’s the material that is going to grab them. Also offering celebrities a different type of role than what they usually play has been helpful for us. Darren Sharper of NFL’s New Orleans Saints like our previous work and wanted to take a risk. You’ll see him in Punchline, episode five of S.O.U.P. Jaleel White was looking to do something new and different when he signed on to star in Road to the Altar. Ugly Betty’s Michael Urie (who appears in The Secret and Open House on Random Comedies) was really open to experimenting on the web. Kym Whitley (of Donation, Road to the Altar, and S.O.U.P.) goes where the comedy is, and she knows we run a professional, fun set.

JALEEL WHITE MAKES 'ALTAR' A PROMISING UNION Sometime during your twenties, you’ll become aware that you’ve been asked to plan or attend more bridal showers and bachelorette parties than you ever thought possible. If you’re unmarried and watching Road To The Altar, you may also realize that if you’ve only planned a pre-wedding bash, you never knew how easy you had it. Road To The Altar, cleverly satirizes wedding fever and the overblown industry... Jaleel White and Leyna J. Weber play an engaged couple embarking on the stressful journey that is modern wedding planning.

JALEEL WHITE’S 'ROAD TO THE ALTAR' "Road To The Altar is shot as a mockumentary, poking fun at the process leading up to a wedding by taking the possibilities to the extreme. The series also allows for the spotlight to be shared, as supporting characters post in-character Tweets and blogs in between episodes...”

A FORTUNATE FUTURE IN WEB FOR 'A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE PEOPLE' A Series of Unfortunate People is a new web series produced by WorkingBug.com and penned by the female threesome of Beth Shea, Annie Lukowski, and Leyna Juliet Weber. It’s a witty and often in-your-face show, especially if you find yourself relating to one of their so-called “unfortunate people.” “Each episode offers up some hilarious moments and plenty of quotable lines.” “Upon watching the second episode, Family Secret, I was expecting the same character names and traits to crossover from the first. This was not the case. While the faces remained the same, the subject matter and character traits were fresh.” “The best part is the extra features. Each episode has associated ‘vlog’ minisodes that delve a little deeper into the characters through talking-head interview segments. While many web series extras tend to pollute the integrity of the full-episodes, S.O.U.P.’s vlogs actually enhance the series thanks to consistently high production value that doesn’t skimp on humor.” “Each episode features skillful comedic acting, clever one-liners and a brisk Always Sunny pace that works really well.” “The series hones in on a wide range of unfavorable individuals, so throughout the entire eight episode run there is sure to be something – or someone – for everyone to laugh at.”

COLIN COWIE - (Oprah's event design guru and TLC's Get Married) “Hysterical, witty, and reflective; Road To The Altar is great entertainment that sheds a little insight into what every bride goes through from the time the ring goes on her finger until she actually walks down the aisle. Sit back. Relax. And enjoy.”

“You should check it out.” -- On A Series of Unfortunate People

Road to the Altar built a sizable audience on the internet… The series helped to bring internet television network, True Black Television, into the limelight. [ROAD] quickly became the highest-rated series in the network’s history. The first season brought upon ratings that were virtually unheard of on the network that was previously known for constant reruns of Everybody Hates Chris and Martin.

A NEW READ ON JEWISH LIFE: But the real surprise is that the series, Road to the Altar, is actually good, and that it offers up another star worthy of notice: Leyna Juliet Weber as White’s fiancée, Rochelle Shapiro. Rochelle is an effervescent and funny character played with warmth and a great sense of physicality by Weber, who is also the show’s co- writer, along with director Annie Lukowski. Rochelle may want things her way and have a butcher grandfather who’s “flying in the meat” for the big day, but, said Weber, she’s not a JAP. Rochelle is “definitely outspoken,” she said. “A lot of times, when women are portrayed that way, people are quick to assume it’s a stereotype.” Where Curb Your Enthusiasm has license to misbehave by virtue of airing on pay cable, and Arrested Development pushed the boundaries of network TV farther than they could stretch, being on the Web gives Road a great deal of freedom – as Weber said, “We didn’t have a million censors going, ‘That’s not gonna work in Nebraska” – and it goes where not many sitcoms have gone before… Road makes consistent, satisfying use of the mockumentary format, more Christopher Guest than The Office, another show Road recalls. It also cannily employs the format of reality shows like the much publicized Jon and Kate Plus Eight, or The Real Housewives, using the characters vlogs, or video blogs on the show’s site, to further the conceit by providing mini “confessional” interviews with an array of side characters played by distinguished guest stars, including Jim Hanks and Earl Billings as Simon’s father.

Road to the Altar [has] gathered Pier 1 Imports, iRobot and Panda Express as brand integration partners and got actors like Jaleel White and Leyna Weber as stars... The series is part of a burgeoning trend that has marketers partnering with Hollywood producers to embed their products into digital entertainment as a low-cost, low-risk addition to broadcast or cable… The couple’s “wedding command center” includes Pier 1 products with tags [and] at another point, the couple get a delivery of Panda Express food… Both sides are working to build somethingcustom and original with real entertainment value. -- On Road to the Altar

CHILD STAR GROWS UP, AVOIDS REALITY TV – AN INTERVIEW WITH JALEEL WHITE --on Road to the Altar JW: The thing I liked the most was that I got a chance to do some drier stuff. It was shot in a way that I like. I like shows like The Office and movies like Best in Show… HP: What are the advantages to working in the mockumentary style as an actor? JW: You really get a chance to go with the moment... There’s really good room for improvisation. HP: How does working on a web series compare to acting in film and television? JW: We did 71 set-ups a day…16 pages in a day. You really are in improv class with the cameras running. HP: In five years what do you think the web will be doing with TV and TV will be doing with the web? JW: I think the web is about to turn TV upside-down. And I couldn’t be more excited.

TELEVISION WITHOUT PITY: ALTAR BOY JALEEL WHITE ON HIS NEW WEB SERIES, AND THE SHADOW OF URKEL We talked to him about the rigors of shooting a web series.
JW: I read these chicks’ script, and it was funny! It was definitely funny in a real estrogen way, but it was undeniably funny. And I saw some stuff that Annie had shot… it was controlled improv; they clearly had stories they wanted to tell, and Annie’s favorite thing is, “Give it to me three different ways.”
Q: What do you think of the Webisode format?
JW: It really feels like the future…. Last night, at the screening, it got a really good reaction…

ACCESS THE WEB - JALEEL WHITE’S ‘ROAD TO THE ALTAR’: Besides cracking jokes about wedded bliss, White opened up to Access, sharing the same discontent many have with the current state of development in Hollywood. “Television development hasn’t been working for quite some time,” [said White]. After the 2008-09 season saw so many programs canceled shows that nine months before were lauded as the next big thing, many would agree with White. "There is no defined business model for the Web right now, but there are some people that are at the forefront of making [that] discovery. What I do know for a fact though is that new projects are better served on the web than what is done behind closed doors now."

Simon is black, Rochelle is a Jewish American Princess, he’s deadpan, she’s rapidly morphing into Bridezilla, and a reality show crew is documenting the whole shebang. Produced in homage to The Office’s mockumentary style, the series gives us four-minute peeks into the trials and triumphs of one couple’s wedding planning experience. The punchlines emerge rapid fire and thankfully there are many layers of absurdity to take in. The bride’s terrible attempts at speaking Spanish, military-like planning skills, overly excited nature, and utter failure at not becoming Bridezilla combine to make her a rich character for Weber to sink her teeth into... Experienced web director Annie Lukowski keeps the visual pace quick, with the camera sometimes jumping around in a frenzy, particularly when the bride is excited or demanding. Somehow, throughout the rollercoaster of wedding planning, the young couple remains likeable enough. The typical “every couple” we see on these types of reality shows, with equal moments of “OMG I can’t believe she just did that!” and the relatable “Oh... I know where he’s coming from.” -- On Road to the Altar

Road to the Altar has done an impressive job lining up some household-name sponsors… veteran TV guest stars come in to shine – Kym Whitley (The Parkers), Rodney Perry (Who’s Got Jokes?), Susan Floyd (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), Jim Hanks (Dexter), Robert Romanus (Fame) and Earl Billings (What’s Happening!)”… “So darn hilarious… Expect plenty of gags...”

“Get in early on the next great online video series. ‘A Series of Unfortunate People’ [makes] fun of the annoying, self-centered, intrusive, insensitive people we all know. We’ve all met that person before (except those of us who are that person). Check it out and check back each week.”

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS SAFETY DARREN SHARPER TAKES UP ACTING DURING BREAK FROM FOOTBALL New Orleans Saints safety Darren Sharper has taken up acting during his break from football, making a guest appearance in a series of short web films for WorkingBug.com. Sharper’s episode debuted online today as the fifth in a series entitled, A Series of Unfortunate People. In it, Sharper goes over the top as a lewd and offensive man who turns a double-date into an awkward evening. “I had a lot of fun with it,” said Sharper, who has some past experience in front of the camera, including an analyst role with the NFL Network and some promotional videos. This was his first time working with a script, though. And Sharper said he didn’t mind playing the “bad guy.”

–“A hilarious and ORIGINAL web series.” --on Road to the Altar

“We’re glad [Darren Sharper] is having fun and experimenting in other fields during his down time.” -- On A Series of Unfortunate People

“Simon is a manly man, nothing like Urkel… There are giggles to be had…”

“White is hilarious as a well-intentioned groom who can’t seem to say or do the right thing on camera, and actress Leyna Weber is equally as fun to watch, playing a bride on a mission to plan the perfect wedding.” -- On Road to the Altar

"Darren Sharper does more than defend the New Orleans Saint’s gridiron. He stars in the next episode of the hit webseries, A Series of Unfortunate People. He steals the show and snags the comedy bug. For those people in your life you simply love to hate, WorkingBug.com has created this new anthology of short comedies."

“Not only is the series creating buzz for audiences, it has also signed big name brand partners, including iRobot and Panda Express.” -- On Road to the Altar

“Anyone who has been through the insane rollercoaster ride of planning a wedding will get some laughs out of Road... If The Office business suddenly shifted to a wedding planning operation, this is what you might get.”

"They personify the tragic personalities of those special folks in our lives who require copious amounts of care and attention. From the Whiny Bitch and the Cheap F*cker to the Passive Aggressive Cleaning Lady, WorkingBug tackles them all." -- On A Series of Unfortunate People

“Hilarious…check out the video” -- On A Series of Unfortunate People

NEW ORLEANS' SAINTS DARREN SHARPER GIVES COMEDY A GO- "Saints' safety Darren Sharper's recent antics will ensure that Saints fans are distracted from the upcoming draft for the time being...Sharper is known as one of the greatest safeties in NFL history."